6 thoughts on “S.C.O.F website

  1. Hey !!! I’m a 12 year old who’s upsest with skiing! I’m a
    huge fan and I want to help rep your site… Can you help me out by
    sending me an on the fly sticker! Thanks!! Thanks for your time ,
    Henry Luchow

  2. Great spot people… My brother lives in Charleston, and I am dying to do some fishing down there. I am a Southern Transplant to the mid-atlantic, and happy to see that southern boys fly fish too. I grew up on Bill Dance and Bream busters in Georgia and never even heard of a fly rod until I moved up here. I have been afraid to move back south for fear of being too far away from the P.A. streams, but you guys are opening my eyes! Keep it up! And if you have a few decals I would proudly let my car wear one!

    • mike,
      thanks for the kind words and ret assured that we have more opportunities to get a fly wet then any other region in the nation when you consider the salt, warm, and freshwater opportunities in th south. send us an email at southerncultureonthefly@gmail.com with your address and we will see if we can make a sticker miracle happen.
      – Dave

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  4. Yall should do a blog on kayak fly fishing. That’s where it’s at! Some of these clear water resivors around here in Alabama hold some quality bass that seem to love the fly rod. And the best way to fish them is with a kayak!

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