WNC Fly Fishing Expo 2011…I’m About To Pop A Recap In That Ass

A couple of weekends ago we snagged a booth at the WNC Fly Fishing Expo, and it was everything we thought it would be…and even a little more. Various SCOF contributors were in attendance, we met some new folks, we caught up with some old folks, and we even managed to stage a PBR tasting at our booth on Sunday. All in all our first ever show was a success the likes of which haven’t been realized since Michael J Fox in the 80’s classic, The Secret of My Success.

…and I even found time to catch a troot.

– Dave

WNC Fly Fish Expo…We’re Here and We’re…Nope, Wrong Catch Phrase

It’s been a little quiet on the blog lately, but rest assured Steve and I haven’t absconded to greener pastures. The fall issue is going to be out late October/early November, and much to our surpriseĀ  it actually requires a boat load of time to throw together…who knew? Today however we are pleased to announce that, by sheer pluck and moxy, we have secured ourselves a booth at the WNC Fly Fishing Expo in Asheville on November 5th and 6th. This will probably be the first time we poke our heads out after the first issue is released and we are planning on bringing the whole SCOF Roadshow. “What is involved in the SCOF Roadshow?” you might ask. Well let me tell you. We’re not really sure yet, but we’re thinking your favorite SCOF contributors hanging out, fly tying demonstrations by, SCOF resident fur and feather twister, Thomas Harvey of Carolina Fly, monitors for viewing the new issue on the big screen, t shirt and sticker giveaways, laser shows, dancing zoo animals in ridiculous costumes, Cheech Marin reprising the roll of Cheech from the popular Cheech and Chong film series…I might have gotten a little worked up there, but we should be able to pull off most of the earlier stuff on that list (I’m crossing my fingers on the whole zoo animal thing…F PETA for ruining our good time). So plan on being in Asheville that weekend it should be entertaining at least.