Beer…Good. Shrimp…Good. South Holston Fly Fishing Festival After-Party…Great.

Fishy Folks, the time is almost upon us. SCOF will be making its first fly fishing show appearance and in honor of this historic event we have, of course, decided to throw a party. The South Holston  Fly Fishing Festival will be held on August 13th from 9-6 at Sugar Hollow Park in, Bristol VA. Steve and I will be there sharing our hopes and dreams for SCOF with the huddled masses, that is between sessions of  following Kelly Gallop around in a vein attempt to obtain a lock of his mustache hair for my scrapbook. After the show is when the debauchery will officially begin though. We invite all attendees of the show to join us at Judson’s farm (we’ll give everybody directions at the show) on the river at 7pm for a post show field party. Kegs are being provided by local micro-breweries, low country boil is being provided by us, and the entertainment will be provided by SCOF videographer, Ryan Dunne in the form of interpretive dance to today’s top 40 radio…some really weird stuff as far as  interpretive dance goes. We are only charging $20.00 for all you can eat and all you can drink (Ryan will be performing for tips), and all proceeds will be going directly to help River’s Way with giving underprivileged and special needs kids an opportunity to learn in the outdoors. Tickets will be available at the SCOF booth at the show as well as at the door of the event (Judson’s Driveway). We hope to see everyone out for some good food and beer after the show but until then just remember, ain’t no South Holston Fly Fishing Festival post party like a SCOF South Holston Fly Fishing Festival Post Party…word.

– Dave