Piney Creek Tech Pack Update

Awhile ago we did a quick initial review on the Fishpond Piney Creek Tech Pack.  Seeing as I am snowed in again (for the third time in December…If I ever get my hands on this La Niña character I am going to slap the piss out of her…I don’t care if she is a girl), I decided to take the pack out for more utilitarian purposes.  In this case, utilitarian means strapping supplies to my back and making the soul crushing walk 3/4 of a mile straight uphill to my house, through a good foot of snow with nothing standing between me and the bottom of a frozen ditch except for a pair of glorified tennis rackets strapped to my feet.  I am happy to report the Piney Creek Tech Pack not only met the challenge, but did it in a manner befitting the glorious sack of Zeus himself.  

As you can see I was able to get two full size Digiornos’ Pizzas in there, what you can’t see is the 12 pack of beer, the half-gallon of milk, the 3 packs of smokes, and my iPad that were also crammed in that bad boy. If I could have found a midget at the grocery store, I would have stuffed him in there to with room to spare.   The pack rides nice fully loaded, but a padded waist belt would make this thing a Cadillac.  As it stands, you will probably never load the Piney Creek up heavy enough to need the extra padding, unless you are like me and like to load bags with rocks to carry around just for the f of it.  Once the thaw hits I will fill this puppy up with fishing gear and head somewhere to test its non-utilitarian use, but it will probably still be loaded up with beer…lets make that definitely.

– Dave