Triploid Chaser Contest: We Have A Winner and It’s Not Pretty

After being flooded with photographic evidence of the
pescatorial ugliness that exists in the world we are happy, yet
also kinda sad to announce a winner. The race was a tight one
but there was one entry that truly exemplified the sexless fish
conquistador mentality that makes a true Triploid Chaser. So
with an imaginary drum roll in my head, congratulations goes to
Dave Hise, of Casters Fly Shop. We have known Dave for a
while, and I don’t know anybody else that embraces the ugly like
Dave. The bigger and uglier the fish the more Dave craves
it’s company, a chubby chaser for the fish scene if you know what I
mean. Well played sir…well played. Your SCOF T-shirt will arrive at the shop next week, you big lovable triploid catching bastard,

– Dave

1st Annual SCOF Triploid Chaser Photo Contest

Just to prove that we here at SCOF are not without holiday cheer, we are happy to bring you our first contest ever. So here’s the deal, we want a picture of your biggest ugliest triploid of the year.  Missing jaw…sweet. One eye and no fins…even sweeter. Pretty fish get enough press, it is time to honor the triploids in all of their football-shaped, small-headed beauty. We will run the contest till January 1st when we will narrow down the choices a bit and turn it over to the people in the form of a blog poll. Winner gets a new SCOF T-shirt, and a feeling of goodwill toward all of God’s creatures, even the genetically altered ugly ones. Just to get things started, here is my most recent triploid conquest. Notice the dull eyes and the lack of reproductive organs…like a sunset, over a unicorn, under a rainbow…just awesome.

Send Pics to

– Dave