Triploid Chaser Contest: We Have A Winner and It’s Not Pretty

After being flooded with photographic evidence of the
pescatorial ugliness that exists in the world we are happy, yet
also kinda sad to announce a winner. The race was a tight one
but there was one entry that truly exemplified the sexless fish
conquistador mentality that makes a true Triploid Chaser. So
with an imaginary drum roll in my head, congratulations goes to
Dave Hise, of Casters Fly Shop. We have known Dave for a
while, and I don’t know anybody else that embraces the ugly like
Dave. The bigger and uglier the fish the more Dave craves
it’s company, a chubby chaser for the fish scene if you know what I
mean. Well played sir…well played. Your SCOF T-shirt will arrive at the shop next week, you big lovable triploid catching bastard,

– Dave