Another oldie but a goody. Thomas Harvey has been our fly tying editor for as long as we can remember…at least three years. Before Thomas was brokering the best tiers for our pages, Thomas actually used to tie for our pages himself. Hopefully he will again soon and for a long time. With the first pre-spawn carp hitting the flats here in the South, we figured the Golden Ticket might just be…well, the ticket. SCOFno4_cover   SCOF_benchpress_harvey_a

BENCH PRESS: GOLDEN TICKET By Thomas Harvey Southern Culture On the Fly Issue No. 4: Summer 2012

Materials List: Hook: Owner Flyliner (Size 4 – 6) Eyes: Dumbbell or Beadchain Flash: Gold Krystal Flash Legs: Metallic Gold Sili Legs Body: Gold Sparkle Braid Wing: Fox Squirrel Tail Head : Thread and Clear Cure Goo Hydro You look hesitantly at the Ziploc bag: six rings, three bracelets and a necklace with a broken clasp. You’ve collected them over the past month. Slowly, in stages as to not get caught, pillaging your better half’s treasure chest. You convince yourself that she would never notice. Besides, she has a case full of newer, sparkly jewelry. Cash 4 Gold. You’ve had to have seen it. It’s all the rage. In today’s economic climate, many are quick to pawn off priceless family heirlooms for a quick buck. Temptation is everywhere. Companies blasting you from all media outlets. Torn and tempted, you hit the river to clear your mind. As you pull onto the highway, you turn the dial on your radio and hear it, “Need cash? Trade with confidence from the world’s number one consumer gold buyer.” Yeah, better stick with the iPod. You remember your gas light has been on for the past week, so you pull off an exit early to fill up. “Cash Customers Must Pre-Pay.” You walk in and hand the teller two crumpled twenties. You can’t help notice his shiny gold ring as he hands you the receipt. Really? You finally pull into the gravel parking lot and take a walk down to the river’s edge. Carp. Tails up, mouth down, Hoovering the muddy creek bottom. The six-weight should do it. You open your fly box, scanning your neatly arranged inventory. It hits you again, that shiny golden glow. You pluck it from the box and tie it on—The Golden Ticket. Five fish, four beers, and three hours later, you are back at home satisfied, covered in that scent only carp anglers can appreciate. Before hitting the shower, you slip the Ziploc bag from your pocket and dump the jewelry back in the chest. Crisis averted.

Just The Tyin’ Tip Wednesday


Some of you might remember how my last “tips” post went, so lets cross our fingers this go around….

If you’re a beginner fly tier you are using too much dubbing. I did…Steve did…we all did. Next time you pull dubbing out to wrap around a hook, take half of what you pulled out and set it aside. Then take half of what you have left, and make another small pile. The itsy bitsy, teensy weensy bit of dubbing you have left is what you will actually need. This principal works for most of the fibers you have on your tying desk, by the by. Enjoy your wednesday.

– Dave


Another bit of SCOF history . BENCH PRESS #1 from SCOF, Thomas Harvey before he was the SCOF Fly Editor with a very cool saltwater fly… tie it up.

sexy silverside_SCOF1_2011_thomasharvey

By Thomas Harvey
Bench Press
Southern Culture On the Fly
Issue No. 1: Fall 2011

Hook: Gamakatsu SL11-3H (sizes 2-6) 
Thread: Fine Monofilament
Tail: SF Blend – Off White
Body: E-Z Body covered in Clear Cure Goo 

Flash: Ice Wing Fiber – Silver 
Eyes: 3D Stick On

The SIMPLIFY Movement. 

: the state of being simple, uncomplicated, or uncompounded

Filling the box for this year’s migration to the North Carolina coast started where most fly tying starts… at the computer reading, researching and reviewing popular salt-water patterns. Being relatively new to the salt, I was struck by a single thread that seemed to run through most of the patterns: simplicity. From Bob Popovic’s “Surf Candy” to Bob Clouser’s “Clouser Minnow”, most patterns used a few staple materials, utilized elementary tying techniques and took little to no time to tye. This pattern, a close relative to Henry Cowen’s “Albie Anchovie”, follows these basic pillars of saltwater fly tying and will prove an effective fly for your box.



Catching Up

When you take a blog hiatus, like I have the past couple weeks, coming back is always kind of awkward. Soooo…what’s been goin’ on with y’all. Oh, us?… not much…that rash finally cleared up…yeah that pretty much does it.  I forgot, we did co-sponsor the Carp Cup in Knoxville a couple of weeks ago with our buddies at 3Rivers Angler. It was an eleven on a debauchery scale of 1-10. Brent Golden pretty much dominated the thing taking the team  win and big fish…asshole. Keep an eye out in the Fall issue for the full tournament recap.

We also have been adding staff here at SCOF (no small feat when you can’t pay anybody) and would like to welcome Thomas Harvey, who a lot of you know as one our main fly tying contributors, and also from such Facebook pages as Carolina Fly, Thomas Harvey Loves Puppies, and My Fiance Is Way Too Hot For Me. Thomas will be taking over as SCOF social media director, so if you follow us across the intra-web, you’re bound to run into him sooner or later. Say hi, he likes virtual hugs.

I promise I’ll be back on here more frequently than I have been as of late, but I promise a lot of things.

– Dave

Backyard Bass Love Balsa

SCOF’s resident fly tying slave laborer, Thomas Harvey, supplied Steve with a fine Balsa Popper, we have dubbed, “The Purp”, for his annual Turkey inspired migration to the Florida Lake Country. It seems Florida Bass love Carolina Flies as much as we do. Check out Thomas’ newest creation, the Plus Size Bait Fish in the new issue of This Is Fly, and then make sure you look high and low in our winter issue for another of what we like to call, “flies from heaven that fish like angel kisses”.

– Dave

It’s Good To Have Friends

With October banging on the door, we here at Southern Culture on The Fly figure we have way too much to do and not enough time. So in the time honored tradition of mooching off our friends who are way more talented than us, we have put the call out to some like minded individuals to take care of the the tying for our upcoming Albie trip at the end of the month. We figure when you have friends that tie like this, why even mess around? Above is a little sneak peek from Thomas Harvey’s vice that is tentatively being called, “Harvey’s Harker Whore”. Whatever he calls it, you can be sure we’ll have a box full in every color ready to bury in the back of our heads with poor casting. Make sure you check out the Fall Issue for a fly tying video from Thomas, which I can guarantee won’t disappoint.

– Dave