Movie Night Y’all


Less than a week to go till the first installment of The SCOF Summer Mystery Movie Series. A couple of updates:
  •  The movie is free, but a portion of all bar, food, and vendor proceeds will be donated to the French Broad Riverkeeper for monitoring, improvement, and over all well being of the French Broad River right here in our backyard.
  • The featured vendor for the first installment of movie night will be our good friend Danny Reed of Crooked Creek Holler apparel. He’ll have a table set up with his new spring line of gear and the best thing is you won’t have to pay shipping.
Festivities start at 6, the movie starts at dusk on the trailer. Cascade Lounge will be providing the hooch, and Ron’s Taco Shop will be slinging’ tortillas.
We also have a pretty sick swag raffle for you folks to. Come on down to the Asheville Food Park, and remember to bring your own chair.
– Dave

Victory Is Ours…And It Tastes Like Chicken

Remember last week when I asked everyone to write a letter on behalf of Save the Headwaters of the E. Fork of the French Broad? They must have gotten the point because in an epic Wildlife Board of Commissioners Meeting, they did the old political flippy floppy and came down in favor of acquiring this 8,000 acre tract of trout heaven:

Wildlife Commission Pledges Support for East Fork Headwaters

RALEIGH, N.C. (Nov. 4) – The Commissioners of the N.C. Wildlife Resources
Commission unanimously passed a resolution Thursday, pledging the agency’s
support for the management and stewardship of the East Fork Headwaters, an
8,000 acre tract of biologically diverse land in Transylvania County.

During meetings on Wednesday and Thursday, the Commission agreed to manage the
land if the Conservation Fund raises the money to purchase it. The Conservation
Fund, a nonprofit land protection organization, is under contract to purchase
the East Fork Headwaters Tract for $33 million.

“This land is highly desirable for protection and public use, and is truly
multipurpose,” said Gordon Myers, executive director of the Commission.
“The N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission supports The Conservation Fund’s
effort to effectuate long-term conservation of this valuable resource.”

The East Fork Headwaters tract is the largest privately owned tract remaining
in far western North Carolina and is home to several waterfalls, 50 miles of
trout streams and nearly 10 miles of the Foothills Trail where it enters North
Carolina. The site contains exceptional recreational opportunities for public
hunting, fishing, hiking and other outdoor pursuits. The land is also
biologically valuable, containing habitats for a number of species listed in
the Wildlife Action Plan.

This landmark environmental victory just proves the point that one person can make a difference…if that one person is me…I rule.


P.S.  After discussing it with my wife and Steve I would like to say that, there might have been some other people involved in Saving the E. Fork Headwaters and I guess they deserve some credit, too…I guess.

A Call To Pens

The headwaters of the E. Fork of the French Broad River outside of Rosman, NC ,is an 8,000 acre tract of land that has miles of brook trout water in the tributaries and 8 miles of river that is prime to become the newest North Carolina delayed harvest trout water adding to the existing delayed harvest section of the East Fork. The Carolina Mountain Land Conservancy and the Conservation Fund have ponied up to purchase the property and have all funding in place. ” Sounds ideal,” you say. Well, it would be except for one minor problem. The NC Wildlife Commission has shown no interest in acquiring the property as an NC Gameland. This happens to be the largest privately owned undeveloped tract of land left in Western North Carolina and the commission has waved it on by like a bad piece of fish at an eastern european restaurant. I am not proposing that the Commissioners have an easy job working with a painfully small budget and managing an insane amount of land, but when an opportunity of this magnitude falls into your lap you jump on it like a Twinkie at fat camp. There will be a Commissioners’ meeting on November 4th, and we as anglers need to bring the brunt of our letter writing prowess to bear. This is a no-brainer as no money needs to be raised, just our voices heard. Click on the logo below to get information on what to write and who to send it to (Letters have to be in by November 3rd). I have already written mine, and I included the head of a brook trout in the envelope just to make sure my point gets across…Corleone style.

Click the Logo To Tell The NC Wildlife Commission What You Think

– Dave

The French Broad Is A Filthy Whore

The French Broad I am referring to is not that piece of strange you picked up on your vacation after graduating college (although judging from the laundry list of STD’s my buddies came back with, those girls aren’t exactly church going folk). The French Broad I refer to is our local urban smallmouth fishery, which has remained filthy in terms of garbage and water color for going on the whole season now. Guiding smallmouth on the French Broad this season was like taking repeated kicks to the groin from my one-year-old. Not something I enjoy, but inevitably it happens over and over again.  In commemoration of our  last trip of the year on the Broad, SCOF’s inappropriate T-shirt designer, Steve, came up with this gem of a tee to sum up most folks’ feelings on the Broad this year.

Unfortunately, this sentiment seems work all the way around for the French Broad, from the people who abuse it to the people who try to make a living on it. Now I know this bullshit is not limited to our urban fishery, as the words “urban fishery” have become synonymous with water that is just as likely to dole out a staff infection as it is an enjoyable day of fishing, but you gotta start somewhere. At this point, I am left with a decision to make: keep on pissing and moaning about how much the Broad sucks for another season, or to do my small part in trying to salvage what we can from the fishery. I usually go the pissing and moaning route as it involves less actual work on my part, but things have gone too far. I am now an official French Broad whistle-blower.

Beware developers who don’t implement proper erosion controls…your ass is, as they say, grass. Be warned hillbilly depositing your tires in the river to avoid the ten-dollar disposal fee…I see you. Armed with nothing more than my trusty camera phone and a list of environmental nazi contacts, I plan to fight crime from very far away and without actually confronting you. What I will do is get your license plate number, and like an old lady, phone it in to the authorities. My brand of justice may not be swift or painful, but what it lacks in these areas it more than makes up for in girlishness. Think the Monkey Wrench Gang meets Murder She Wrote…Wrongdoers, your day has come.

– Dave