SCOF Winter 2016 “Bless Your Heart” Issue Is Live


The Winter “Bless Your Heart” Issue has rolled into town with legs and arms akimbo. The new issue is brimming with content hot enough to vanquish the doldrums of winter, and rhetoric ballsy enough to slap a grown man in the face. We’re also giving away a Vedavoo/SCOF co-lab TL Beast sling. The rules are up on Facebook for the contest, and as always the issue is free for the people.


Taking It All In

It’s been a good week for SCOF. The new issue is doing well with over three thousand readers since Monday, and we have gotten mentions on websites the likes of Orvisnews, Midcurrent, Chi Wulff, Moldy Chum, and a bunch of others. To everyone that has already checked out the mag…thank you. To those of you that have posted the new issue on your various social media outlets…I owe you an aggressive hug which will be delivered as soon as I see you. If you have checked out the magazine, and liked what you see we have a favor to ask.If it’s not too much trouble, we would like to to recruit all of you to be our PR department. The hours are long and the pay is nonexistent…so it’s kind of like running SCOF. As our PR peeps we hope you will help us get the word out to those that have been living under a rock for the past week. So if you’re on a forum…give us a mention. If you have a twitter or facebook account…give us a mention. If you have a blog…give us a mention. If you see your Grandma on the street…give her a hug, she’s your grandma…then give us a mention. Every little bit helps.

Now that I am done recruiting ya’ll to do my job for me, we also wanted to remind everyone that we will have a SCOF  booth setup down at the Great Southern Fishing Show down in Atlanta this weekend. We will have all our merch with us as well as few SCOF contributors that have promised to loiter about.  I personally plan on meeting one of those Housewives ladies, and finding out what they’re daddies did to them to make them that way.

So in review, please help us get the word out about the new issue, and if you are in the Greater Atlanta area this weekend we’ll plan on seeing you at the show.

– Dave


SCOf Winter Issue…It’s Alive and Filthy With Fishiness

Yes, the new issue is live and pretty good if you ask us. Click on the pic to be transported into the new issue and make your Monday a lot better than it was going to be. We also want give a nod of thanks to all our contributors who threw in on this issue, as well as all the folks that plan on reading it. We are amazed daily with the support we have been getting on our little slice of fishing life in the South.

– Dave

I Seem To Have Come Down With A Wicked Case of The Website Updates

Hello Everybody (I am doing my best Dr. Nick impression as I write this). We are as busy as beavers with three tails over at SCOF HQ, making sure the winter issue will be of a quality you have come to expect out of Stevie and I. We are fairly confident that you should be able to ensconce yourself in Southern fly goodness next monday the 16th when the issue drops, that is barring any unforseen accidental three day benders I might happen to find myself embroiled in. Until then we have website updates to tide you over. We have swapped out the old for the new, and you can check out some preview pics from the winter issue (did I mention that it will be out on Monday?…Oh, I did…my bad). So go on, get to your messin’ on the website.

– Dave