Monday Grocery List…So To Speak

Took a little blog time off last week, so if y’all will indulge me I’d like to go ahead and clean out the hopper,

  • The summer issue is getting a really good response with over 5000 unique visitors in the first two weeks. We have no one to thank for this but all of you for actually taking the time to read the mag. For those of you that haven’t read it yet…seriously?
  • The 1st Annual 3 Rivers Carp Cup (presented by 3Rivers Angler, SCOF, and a ton of other people) will be upon us before you know it, and it’s guaranteed to be a stinky affair. Click the pic to get the details, but I don’t think Knoxville’s ever gonna be the same after this soiree. 
  • We gotst lidz for yo domez. Back by popular demand is the SCOF Lemon Reel trucker hat in orange/black. We only made a dozen, or so…and who knows when we’ll get off our lazy asses and make more, so order now.
  • …And finally just to inject a little levity into the grocery list, we present the, “Fat Men Swimming on a Blown Out River” gallery enjoy.

– Dave

Spring Break Is Over…Time To Get Back To The Serious Task Of Fishing And Stuff

My absence from the world wide web the last couple of weeks was most likely not noticed by many, but to that dude sitting in the basement with nothing but the glow of the computer and a Hare’s Ear Mask to keep him company…Hey dude, I’m back.

Soooooooo, how’s everybody doin’, what you been up to? Oh me? It’s so kind of you to ask, I spent my adult spring break hanging out with Asheville friends that now run a remote island Eco-Lodge in Panama named Casa Cayuco. Yes, there are Tarpon rumors, no my wife would not let me chase those rumors, and yes there is a return expolratory trip planned with some real fishy dudes and a not so fishy wife. I did get out a couple times for some hilbilly trawling and, between beers and bull shitting, we managed to put up a nice ‘Cuda. That toothy guy was nice enough to lend himself to my ceviche later that night, and for that I thank him…because it was delicious.

Just so nobody thinks that all we do is live the good life, catching giant ‘Cudas in exotic places, we have been hard at work to make your online Southern fly fishing (trust me it’s a thing) the best experience possible. We got some new items in the store including new SCOF Bamboo sun masks,

and as SCOF reader Jamie, from the unzipped fly blog, proves folks who wear SCOF gear catch more and bigger fish, across the board, period.

So buy some of our stuff and be a better fisherman than you ever though you could be. Also keep an eye out for more SCOF community building activities coming soon.

– Dave

Feeling The Love

Got a sweet email from a fireman friend of SCOF;

Hey guys, 
We entered a bbq competition this weekend.  Proceeds went to help those victims burned in fires, and the surgeons that help them.
By the way, WE WON THAT BITCH!  Here are some pics to do whatever you like with them.

Winston Salem Fire Dept

So a couple of things can be taken from Jason’s story.

  1. Firemen are pretty awesome…especially if your house is on fire.
  2. Pork is pretty awesome…especially when it is on fire.
  3. Wearing SCOF gear is f’n awesome no matter what ‘s on fire.

Thanks Jason for sending in the pics, and thanks to your whole crew for putting it on the line for idiots like us.

Support your local Fire Department,