Plano Guide Series 1470 GS Waterproof Storage: That’s A Whole Lot Of Words For A Box

The kind folks over at the Outdoor Blogger Network sent us a new waterproof box from Plano to play around with…oh and play we did.  This whole deal worked quite nicely for me in particular because I am one of those guides who stuffs everything into my pockets through out the day on the boat.  When I say everything, I mean all things within in my grasp at any point in time…I wouldn’t be surprised if some of your stuff got into the mix.  To combat my compulsive Kangaroo-like pocket stuffing, I have taken to carrying a dry box and living out of it.  Up until now I have been using a small Pelican case that will fit the essentials (smokes, lighter, wallet, phone, nicotine lozenges, and a small foreign exchange student…in that order of importance), but that left my clients with the big dry bag that was what I like to call a seasonal dry.  If it rained enough, water was gonna flow.  This box is the perfect size to fit not only all my clients’ and my crap, but I could probably start renting out crap storage to other guys on the river…for a nominal fee of course.

The first test was what we like to call the sticker test.  Boxes make great places to bury all the extra stickers you get and let people know a little about you before they even talk to you…I personally don’t mess with anyone rocking a GWAR sticker on any gear they own.  A box that won’t take a sticker is like a carnie that doesn’t smell like cabbage…doesn’t make sense.  We are happy to report the Plano box takes stickers with an ease and grace reminiscent of a young Burt Reynolds.

After the sticker test everything else just seems like icing, but we might as well say that this box is simple, well thought out, and exactly what I wall looking for.  The clear Lexan plastic is a great material that probably isn’t as crush proof as a Pelican but makes up for it with the clear plastic.  It is really nice to be able to spot check your stuff without having to open and close the box all the time.  Another nice feature is the three latch system.  It gives you the option to lock the thing down with all three latches if you are going through some sketchy or splashy water, or just use one of the latches while you are on the flats and making access super quick and easy.  

I am not sure what the mat that comes with the box does.  It kind of reminds me of the mat in your car to keep the change from sliding around.  I lost that mat years ago.  The other thing was it might have been nice to offer the option of a pluck and pull foam insert for the box because as it stands now, I wouldn’t put any sensitive electronics like my SLR in there because I’m pretty sure hard plastic, drops, and electronics don’t react well together.  But for everything else that I invariably carry along, this box will do just fine and will have a permanent spot on my boat the rest of the season.


I am not affiliated in any way with the Plano Corporation. My name was drawn at random and I received the Plano Guide Series 1470 GS Waterproof Storage in exchange for agreeing to use it and post an honest review.