Patagonia Great Divider Bag…Great Googly Moogly: Initial Review

We recently received the last bag for our gear review in the fall issue, and it’s one that I have coveted for more years then any self respecting man should covet a bag (insert jokes involving Nancy and purses here). The Patagonia Great Divider Bag has been around since I was but a mere lad and it hasn’t changed all that much over the years. I’m guessing this stalwart like consistency stems from the principle “Why go messin’ with stuff, that don’t need messin’ with,”…I’m imagining old Yvon saying this exact thing at a Patagonia board meeting…I read his biography…the man hates messin’. When they first came out with this bag it was the best boat bag on the market and all these years later it remains the best boat bag on the market. From the beefy zippers to the clear water proof pockets this bag is simple like a bucket, if that bucket was the most awesome bucket ever made…like that one in the limerick. This one is gonna see the bottom of a lot of boats before the full review comes out in the Fall issue, and we couldn’t be more excited.

– Dave