Hell Week For SCOF…Let The Paddling Begin

I know we haven’t posted in a bit but that is mainly due to the fact that Steve and I have been locked in a room for the past week, with nothing more than two cases of PBR, a Costco pack of Snicker bars, and a laptop, putting the final pieces of the puzzle together for the Spring Preview issue. Who knew making a magazine was a bunch of work? Those dudes at the Drake make it seem like they poop well written essays for breakfast and piss out some amazing photography for lunch, as a matter of fact. Well I am happy to announce that next Thursday the preview issue will be live and soon after that I plan on going off the grid for some much-needed fishing time as well as a long overdue colonic.  So while I am stuck in the shop today I decide why not bring SCOF readers some hilarity, while at the same time giving everyone a little window into my world. This video has been out there a while yet still has not been picked up by the Discovery Channel, can’t figure that one out. Enjoy…me.

– Dave