NC House Bill 353…It’s Way More Exciting Than It Sounds

Yesterday a few of our state politicians introduced a bill that would give Redfish, Speckled Trout, and Striped Bass game fish protection in the coastal waters of NC. For those of you not familiar with game fish status it basically means that these fish would no longer be able to be harvested for commercial purposes and would now exist for strictly recreational fishing purposes. No more culling hundreds of Stripers, no more Redfish in gill nets, this is a good thing people. So it is once again time to write an email to your state representative and let them know these fish are too important to us to let them be eradicated by over fishing and netting, and just to show that we here at SCOF aren’t all business enjoy the Redfish Can’t Jump Trailer which some might say (including us) was a major influence in getting our state fish the game fish status that Redfish so badly deserve. Click here for more info on the bill and to find out who your state representative is so that you can take up personal residence in their inbox.