Up and Down Is Never A Good Thing In Albie Fishing

Just got back from our foray into the NC Albie scene. From all accounts this has been a tough October for Albie fishing. Storms, wind and fish that don’t sit still have made at least one Captain, we heard on the radio, state that he’d probably have better luck going Trick-or-Treating.  We got on them just long enough for some fish to make it in front of the cameras, and for me to remember what it’s like to get yelled at by someone who knows a shitload more about fishing these things than I do. Thanks to the Harker family for treating us like a part of the family with great food, wine and one hell of a fast boat. Also, we would like thank Sam “Jackrabbit” Sellars for showing us how it’s done on the Crystal Coast. Here are some pics that aren’t going to be in the issue (Coming out next Monday), but are pretty finger lickin’ good in their own right.

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Albie Mania

Birds, bait balls, broken rods, busted knuckles, and the crotch rocket of the fish world…SCOF is going Albie fishing. The details are sketchy but we have managed to bamboozle our way into a house, and a few boats in October.  What we lack in Albie experience we are sure to make up for in sheer stupidity, so stay tuned for more details because tickets to the shit show are gonna go fast. Video courtesy of our friends over at Rogue Water Chapters, and SCOF Saltwater contributor Capt. Tucker Blythe.

– Dave