The Lost Art of Listening

I am what you call a selective listener.  I can recite, in a Rain Man like manner, what I have heard from multiple guides as to what is going down on various pieces of water in the area.  I can tell you the life cycle stage of the bugs seen, as well as the time (plus or minus twenty minutes) when they were reported to be doing their thing. On the other hand if you tell me ten times that I have a wedding to attend three weeks from now I will still find it appalling that you expect me to go to a wedding and give up a day of fishing with no prior warning. It’s not that I find what you are telling me is unimportant, but my mind has what I like to call a trivial filter. If my trivial alarm starts blaring, it is pretty likely that I am not going to make it much past the opening of the face hole.  With the Spring Preview Issue going live on Wednesday at midnight, my trivial alarm has gotten close to all encompassing. So if you see me around the next few days, at the shop or on the water, I would recommend sending me an email because the likelihood of me retaining anything important you happen to tell me has hit an all time low…now what was it we were talking about?

Maybe I’ll make it…maybe I won’t,