Roll The Sausage Making Music

It’s good to have friends no matter who they are. It’s especially god to have friends that are super f’n talented. The fellas from Gink and Gasoline came up a few weeks ago for some fishing and some of the most interesting shots we got were of two pros working. Kent and Louis have combined for a lot of famous cover shots of magazines (I’m talking about real magazines here, ones that people, including myself, actually pay for), and Louis even managed to get our buddy Murphy onto a national magazine cover with one of his shots, despite the fact that Murphy looks like a cross between a mexican wrestler and a sasquatch…a sasquachador if you will. We were thinking about using this as a feature in the magazine at some point, but then our seventh grade girl teeny bopper fanaticism about these fellas work might seem a little odd. So here it is, How the Sausage Is Made…Photos by Steve.

– Dave