one fish, two fish, three fish, redfish

After sitting in a holding pattern for a couple of days, the winds on the coast finally died down enough for Steve and I to get down to Charleston and put together the Spring Redfish feature with SCOF contributor Tucker Blythe.  Fly fishing the Low Country is kind of like Mexican wrestling, there is a whole lot going on and most of it is way beyond your comprehension (also the whole flamboyant masks and banana hammock thing).  Tide, cloud cover, wind, bait chuckers, idiots with trolling motors, and trout sets are all a part of the equation. The equation only gets more complicated when you add in the fact that there are thousands of miles of coastline, creek, marsh, and oyster flats where a biomass of Reds can appear and disappear just as quickly.  In the end the whole thing comes down to getting shots and not completely crapping the bed when that shot comes. I wouldn’t say that our bed was spotless after two days, but it wasn’t like we had to throw away the sheets either…maybe just hide them at the bottom of the hamper. I really want to thank Tucker for working hard to put us on the schools, and I would also like thank myself for not completely letting myself down. Look out for the feature in the Spring preview issue but until then enjoy some shots that won 1st runner-up in the beauty pageant.

– Dave

Tucker Blythe: SCOF Contributor To The Salt

Another foot of snow coming my way today, and since I am in need of a trip to the coast (where the only white stuff on the ground is the sand that I just dumped out of my Speedo) I figured it would be a good time to introduce SCOF’s newest saltwater contributor, Tucker Blythe. Tucker runs Grey Ghost Charters, out of James Island, SC, and spends most of his time showing folks why the Low Country of South Carolina is one of the most amazing inshore fisheries on the planet.  Fortunately for us mountain boys here at SCOF, Tucker always has a camera close by to make sure we get to see it all go down. Just so everybody doesn’t check their backside for smoke, here is one of Tucker’s latest videos that him and his boys at Rogue Water Chapters put together. Expect big things.

Check out Tucker’s Bio and the teaser pic for his new redfish feature on the website.

– Dave