Who Turned The Lights Out In The Park…And Why Does It Smell Like Crap?

There is something rotten in the Smokies. It has not been a good week to be a Southern national park and the outlook for next week ain’t so bright either. A sewage treatment plant wall collapsed tragically killing workers at the plant, and sending 850,000 gallons of sewage (minus the solids) into the Little Pigeon River, near Gatlinburg.  If this wasn’t bad enough it looks like the park is going to be shutdown next week as a result of the impending overall government shutdown. Lucky for the folks who live in those Appalachian towns that rely on revenue from park visitors, it looks like everyone will be able to take a nice unpaid two-week vacation right as the season is really starting to crank up. Can you sense the sarcasm here folks?

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– Dave