The Great Migration



Fly fisherman are not the only animals that migrate. Birds in the winter, fish on the spawn, even Canadians out of Florida every spring; yes, the migratory nature of living things is undeniable. Yet a fly fisherman’s desire to wander takes some of us all over the earth looking for the next bite, paycheck, or vista. Some of us squash this wanderlust as we grow older and the walls of responsibility close in on us. For others home is where the truck is parked, no matter where the truck happens to be parked.

In a long standing tradition, some of our best southern purveyors of fur, feathers and good times are on their way to western locationsĀ for another season of guiding on rivers full of fish, that our dumber than ours. Another season booked out, and the possibility to live another year onĀ their own terms is on the horizon. Sounds kind of nice right?

To you intrepid anglers; be safe, get tipped well, and we’ll see you again next fall.

– Dave