2011 Is Going To Be SCOF-Tastic

With my New Years hangover a distant memory and my first trout of 2011 brought to net, I felt it was time to start doing some long-term strategic planning for our little publication. We were talking about having a SCOF planning retreat but unfortunately the private room at Pizza Hut was already being occupied by a CYO basketball team who were surprisingly feisty when we  tried to evict them (little fists apparently can dole out as much pain to my junk as the bigger ones can…who knew?).  So we retreated back to my basement, and in a haze of smoke and mirrors we came up with a few things that don’t suck, or at least don’t suck as bad as what we originally came up with…according to Steve, no one really needs a SCOF special edition man-scaping kit.  So without further ado here’s a few things to keep an eye out for in the next few months.

More Salty Content: After searching every dive bar, and oyster shack below the Mason Dixon we have found a saltwater contributor that doesn’t make us feel like a scared seven year old girl every time we blow a cast and spook out the school.  This was not as easy it sounds as I am notorious for my raging case of buck fever, and Steve tends to cry a lot…a lot.  Keep an eye out later this week for an announcement as to the who, where, and what.  You shan’t be disappointed.

More Events: The Southeast is a pretty small, closely knit fly fishing community, and we feel like we haven’t seen you guys in forever so it’s time for a get together.  There will be fly tying, there will be micro-brew beer, and yes all proceeds will be going to charity, so dust off your vices and check back for the announcement.  I guarantee it will be at least as epic as the last High School kegger you went to…minus the police.

More Issues: Originally our plan was to wait for the fall to put out our first issue. This plan was deemed unambitious and lacking a certain wanderlust, and if there is one thing we here at SCOF will not tolerate is being called ‘lustless, so this spring we will be putting out a special edition issue that showcases the best late winter/early spring thawed out fly-fishing the South has to offer.

This three-point Napoleonic attack is only the beginning of what we have in store for 2011, so keep checking the blog and website for more trip reports, tips and tactics, gear reviews, and our special brand of Southern fly-fishing debauchery.

Stick around it should be interesting to say the least,

– Dave