Lids For Your Dome

We hope everyone had a happy holidays, full of seasonal cheer and debauchery. Now that we are past the main shopping season we figure it would be a good idea to drop some new merch’ on the masses. We are not all that serious about most things here at SCOF, but one thing we don’t tend to mess around on, is the subject of hats. A good hat is like a good dog. or an even more significant other. Your life will never be as rich as when you have a good fishing hat. The loss of a good fishing hat has been known to send folks on a downward spiral of mourning and self hate that can only be quelled by winding up hatless, drunk, and in the gutter or finding a new hat. Well, hopefully our limited edition run of SCOF hats can keep some of ya’ll sober and out of the gutter. Get them in trucker and non-trucker versions at the SCOF store along with the normal compliment of hoodies, T’s, and stickers.

– Dave