On the Road With SCOF

Sorry for the silence the last few days, but Steve and I hit the road to work out some of the photo content for the fall issue. This trip was supposed to take us down to the Low Country for some do-it-yourself redfishing. Unfortunately, 20-plus mile per hour winds and thunderstorms for three days made us reconsider our beach vacation (I already had my Speedo picked out). Lucky for us, we happen to live pretty close to some great tailwaters, and it just happens that those tailwaters are the subject of a feature for the first issue of SCOF… you gotta love it when a plan comes together. Two days…two tailwaters… and one trout punched in the face for its insolence… good times, good times. ¬†Enjoy some photos that won’t be in the magazine, but are good enough to print and hang in your bathroom.

– Dave