Just Because It’s Cheap Beer Doesn’t Mean It’s Good Beer

Southern Culture on the Fly will feature local brews and food in each issue, so I decided to get a head start on the magazine and write up an homage to my favorite cheap beers imbibed while fishing.  To qualify for this list, the beer must be under 10 bucks a 12 pack and bottles need not apply…this is can country.

Busch Heavy (Realtree Camo Can Edition): It’s cheap, tastes better than my Grandfathers feet, and it’s camo…enough said.

Tecate: My boy John St. John at Hog Island Boatworks turned me onto this stuff a few years ago.  Think Mexican Budweiser here folks.  I love a beer I can drink while wearing a Sombrero and not have to feel weird about it.

Old Milwaukee: Lovingly referred to as Old Mud on my boat.  I wouldn’t say it tastes like mud but it does taste like beer that has been filtered through mud, so I guess the name fits.

Coors: The banquet beer…if you bring Coors to a banquet you should start reconsidering your definition of a banquet.

Pabst Blue Ribbon: The Grandfather of cheap beer and my personal favorite. PBR won America’s best beer in 1893 at the World Expo in Chicago…must have been a lot of really shitty beer in 1893.

Any one of these fine brews will enhance your day of fishing while leaving some cash in your wallet for more important things…like hiring little people to toss at you next social gathering.  Oh yeah, remember kids extra points are awarded for the tall boy versions.

– Dave