Catching Up

When you take a blog hiatus, like I have the past couple weeks, coming back is always kind of awkward. Soooo…what’s been goin’ on with y’all. Oh, us?… not much…that rash finally cleared up…yeah that pretty much does it.  I forgot, we did co-sponsor the Carp Cup in Knoxville a couple of weeks ago with our buddies at 3Rivers Angler. It was an eleven on a debauchery scale of 1-10. Brent Golden pretty much dominated the thing taking the team  win and big fish…asshole. Keep an eye out in the Fall issue for the full tournament recap.

We also have been adding staff here at SCOF (no small feat when you can’t pay anybody) and would like to welcome Thomas Harvey, who a lot of you know as one our main fly tying contributors, and also from such Facebook pages as Carolina Fly, Thomas Harvey Loves Puppies, and My Fiance Is Way Too Hot For Me. Thomas will be taking over as SCOF social media director, so if you follow us across the intra-web, you’re bound to run into him sooner or later. Say hi, he likes virtual hugs.

I promise I’ll be back on here more frequently than I have been as of late, but I promise a lot of things.

– Dave