Winter Hibernation

Today, I figured I would answer one of the most common questions I get from clients and friends about living the oh-so-glamorous life of a professional fishing guide, “What the hell do you guys do in the winter?”

Like all great philosophical questions in life, this one’s answer depends on who you are. The past couple of winters, I have taken the easy way out and worked at the shop. The shop is a far cry from being on the water (no matter what the shop guy tells you) but at least it’s in the general realm of fishing. The problem with working in the shop is that I actually saw a job holding a sandwich board dressed up like the Statue of Liberty waving at traffic that pays one more dollar an hour than the shop does. This was no big deal ten years ago, but with a mortgage, child, daycare, and every other financial burden I lay awake at night trying to forget, this pittance doesn’t exactly cut it anymore. In that same vein starting a magazine don’t exactly pay what it used it to, so what’s a guide to do in these tough financial times? I am not short enough to get the gig serving chips and salsa in my sombrero (little people can be biggots, too), I am not desperate enough to sell my body (I have heard soft and round doesn’t sell well anyway), and apparently I am not qualified to become a doctor (not even a dermatologist). I did call about an ad on Craigslist for a tantric sex priestess the other day but they told me sleeping for a really long time after sex does not qualify me as a tantric priestess. I have pretty much exhausted the want ads at this point so tomorrow I might call about that sandwich board thing because spring is only a few long months away.

– Dave