Old Man South Fork Skiff Update

Welcome to another edition of This Old Boat.

When we left her, I was just starting the long, tedious process of sanding down the interior prepping for new paint. With all the wonderful winter weather we’ve had in Western North Carolina this February, this has turned into a game of “hurry up and wait for good weather.” Yesterday the sun shined, the thermometer hit 60, and fiberglass was flying.

Old boats are like scary onions, the more layers you peel away, the more horrified you become. I found some bad gel coat spots that will need to be filled, along with some joints where the side trays hit the floor that have separated. Nothing major, but enough to take a few more dollars out of my wallet. The main challenge I found on this last round of work is the floor, and more specifically the Rhino Lining that is adhered to the floor. I’m not really a fan of Rhino Lining for the interior of boats, as it adds significant weight and if not done professionally, in a booth, can turn out looking like dog shit after a few months of abuse that the floor of a drift boat takes. What I really don’t like about it, is that it turns out to be the nuclear option.

I tried 40-grit sandpaper, a metal bush wheel on a grinder, and I stopped just short of going all mad scientist on that mofo with acetone. Apparently, once a bed liner is in, it doesn’t come out short of a nuclear holocaust. The boat is now at the stage where my meager skills leave something to be desired. Luckily on this one, I know a guy. The Skiff is heading over to McMinville, Tenn., for Todd Gregory and the boys at Towee Boats to love on her for a while. Fiberglass, gelcoat, paint, and a new front pedastal box will all be done in what I’m sure is a timely manner. While the boat’s in Tennessee, all the wood pieces should be done, and I will get them pre-stained with 8 million coats of varnish. Keep an eye out for the next post, Fiberglass 101.

– Dave

Thanks A Lot Everyone

It’s still a little weird to Steve and I that people actually read the mag. If you meet us, you’ll know what I mean…socially awkward to say the least. Even with our doubts and trepidations it seems like a lot of people are reading the mag. For that we would like to give a big ol sloppy wet thank you to all of you. For those folks who have been kind enough to write kind words about the issue on the intranet, we haven’t forgotten you either…get on over here. And finally we would like to thank all of our contributors and advertisers for making this thing happen. Now that we have the largest group dude hug on earth going, let’s keep it going. Keep reading the mag, keep throwing it up on forums, and keep sharing it amongst your friends because feeling this good can’t be bad. On a side note I’ll be at 3Rivers Angler in Knoxville for their monthly beer tasting. If you’re in town come on out and check out the new Hog Island skiff, grab some SCOF swag and let me show y’all just how grateful we are.

– Dave


Hello SCOF’sters (it’s something we’re working on…we might need to keep working), the Sprung Issue┬áhas been out for a little over a week, and it seems like we haven’t completely alienated our readership quite yet. If you haven’t had time to check it all out, today is as good a day as any, don’t you think? We would also please ask that you share the gift of SCOF with everyone you know. Think of SCOF as a raging case of ┬ámono…you don’t want to be the only one with it do you?…spread it around to everyone you know, and then they can be just as miserable as you. We would ask, that instead of going around and randomly swapping spit with strangers, you just share SCOF on Facebook, twitter, various fishing forums you might be in bad standing with and so on…for hygiene sake if nothing else. I didn’t want to come on here and shill for the magazine and not give you some piscatorial diversion for your Tuesday so below you’ll find some shots that didn’t make the issue, but we like to think they were real close.

– Dave