A Lot Of Goings Ons ‘Round Here This Week

It’s Monday Morning, and after almost a full week on the toilet with bubonic plague of the rectum, my head is about to explode with everything going on around here this week. Luckily, I have a hall pass this weekend and plan on spending it somewhere wet. Until the let’s start the school week with some announcements.

Fly Fishing Film Tour: FT3 Asheville, NC Thursday March 19, Highland Brewing

10426145_10153197325867009_2718909533353539960_n-1 It’s the yearly gathering of the finest degenerates in Western North Carolina for beer, bs, and film. Come on out and see us as we’ll have a table set up peddling our wares as usual. Also check out our Facebook page for a giveaway this week for a couple of free tickets and some Costa Gear. If you don’t win free tickets pony up and pay for some (all proceeds go to TU). The reports on this years film have been pretty good…pretty, pretty, pretty good. Click the poster to order tickets online.

New Swag In The SCOF Store


The new SCOF Mugs keeps the hot things hot and the cold things cold. Kind of like me. The new SCOF sun shirts, on the other hand, keep you from looking like an old football in you forties and fifties while intimidating the establishment all at the same time. Check them out here.

Uncle Chocklett Comes To Town

BCMusky BlaneTyingClinic

Blane Chocklett is one of the fishiest people on the planet. If you narrow that to the Musky Planet, Blane is a norse god, like Oden. If you wanna learn from the best give Hunter Banks a call. If you don’t want to learn anything ever…then by all means keep doing what you’re doing. Your choice. But I’m quite sure every musky will shit its pants as soon as Blane rolls across the border.

– Dave

IFTD All Wrapped Up Like A Pig In A Blanket

We’re back In Asheville after a few days in Reno attending our very first International Fly Tackle Dealers show (IFTD). Being babes in the industry it amazed me every time I got a chance to talk to big players in the industry that they not only knew who we were but actually told us that what we were doing didn’t suck. We got to meet a lot of people whose names we only knew from magazines and books, see a lot of gear that we had only heard rumors of, and tilt a few back with some our all time favorite fly fishing degenerates….you know who you are. If you’re into the industry scene you’re gonna hear a lot about of the future of IFTD over the next few weeks, but whether the show goes on or gets folded into another more general mega show all we can say is that we had a blast and really appreciate the warm welcome we got. Keep an eye out in the Fall issue for favorite gear pics from the show. Until then enjoy our instagram gallery from the show.

– Dave

Monday Grocery List…So To Speak

Took a little blog time off last week, so if y’all will indulge me I’d like to go ahead and clean out the hopper,

  • The summer issue is getting a really good response with over 5000 unique visitors in the first two weeks. We have no one to thank for this but all of you for actually taking the time to read the mag. For those of you that haven’t read it yet…seriously?
  • The 1st Annual 3 Rivers Carp Cup (presented by 3Rivers Angler, SCOF, and a ton of other people) will be upon us before you know it, and it’s guaranteed to be a stinky affair. Click the pic to get the details, but I don’t think Knoxville’s ever gonna be the same after this soiree. 
  • We gotst lidz for yo domez. Back by popular demand is the SCOF Lemon Reel trucker hat in orange/black. We only made a dozen, or so…and who knows when we’ll get off our lazy asses and make more, so order now.
  • …And finally just to inject a little levity into the grocery list, we present the, “Fat Men Swimming on a Blown Out River” gallery enjoy.

– Dave

Mondays Are A Good Day For Some Learnin’

Getting to know a piece of water is usually the best way to be successful on it. I say usually because sometimes getting to know a piece of water too well closes you off to trying new things. Case in point; I’m on a pretty well known tailwater that I have fished a a lot over the past ten years, with a buddy that doesn’t tend to get over the mountain as much as he would like. I am locked into figuring out what stage, size, and colors of the naturals will be the next one for these trout to refuse. My buddy is on the same wavelength for most of the day. By the end of the day limited success has sent me into a PBR fueled shame spiral, while my friend decides to give the naturals the finger and throw junk. I am usually the first one to dive into the junk box and tie on a Twinkie, but on this river, with these fish you just assume they’re a little to uppity to eat anything that starts with the word squirmy in it. Well four healthy trout later, I was the first one to admit that “knowing” this river was the only thing standing between me and a better day of fishing. So, in the role of Aesop here, let me go ahead and get to the moral of my little tale; you might think you know a piece of water, but don’t let that attitude cut you off from trying stuff outside of what you’ve always done there. I guarantee there are a ton of other jackasses who think they “know” that water and are probably throwing the same stuff you are because that’s what “works”.  Against the grain is not always a bad thing.

Everybody Loves Twinkies

– Dave

Spring Break Is Over…Time To Get Back To The Serious Task Of Fishing And Stuff

My absence from the world wide web the last couple of weeks was most likely not noticed by many, but to that dude sitting in the basement with nothing but the glow of the computer and a Hare’s Ear Mask to keep him company…Hey dude, I’m back.

Soooooooo, how’s everybody doin’, what you been up to? Oh me? It’s so kind of you to ask, I spent my adult spring break hanging out with Asheville friends that now run a remote island Eco-Lodge in Panama named Casa Cayuco. Yes, there are Tarpon rumors, no my wife would not let me chase those rumors, and yes there is a return expolratory trip planned with some real fishy dudes and a not so fishy wife. I did get out a couple times for some hilbilly trawling and, between beers and bull shitting, we managed to put up a nice ‘Cuda. That toothy guy was nice enough to lend himself to my ceviche later that night, and for that I thank him…because it was delicious.

Just so nobody thinks that all we do is live the good life, catching giant ‘Cudas in exotic places, we have been hard at work to make your online Southern fly fishing (trust me it’s a thing) the best experience possible. We got some new items in the store including new SCOF Bamboo sun masks,

and as SCOF reader Jamie, from the unzipped fly blog, proves folks who wear SCOF gear catch more and bigger fish, across the board, period.

So buy some of our stuff and be a better fisherman than you ever though you could be. Also keep an eye out for more SCOF community building activities coming soon.

– Dave

Holding It Down In Hotlanta

Just got back from a weekend down at the Great Southern Fishing Show visiting with old and new friends. We met a lot of folks who had seen the magazine and loved it, and also met a lot of folks who had absolutely no idea what we were talking about, and then there were some folks who were looking for the gutter guard girl they had heard about…hopefully I was able to convert a few of those. Look for some Georgia content in the Spring issue…planning has commenced. Until then I made Steve take some pictures.

– Dave

The Monday Photos Smell Fishy

A couple of days of fishing in E. Tennessee is a rare thing in the middle of my guide season, but when Wifey and the boy head out of town I  tend to drop what I’m doing and head over the mountain for some tail water R and R. Here are some pics from last week to get your week off to a fishy start.

May your hands remain stinky,

– dave

Cicadas Appear To Be Delicious…Especially When They’re Aged 13 Years

If you don’t know, you best ask somebody. These ground dwellers have started poking their beady little heads up, and the fish are already lining up at the buffet table to do their part. As I write this, the thirteen year brood is hatching around various parts of the South, and there is nothing quite like fishing a giant black foam cicada and watching the biggest fish in the river (or lake) rise up like a dumb ass to inhale it. Check the map to see where the closest red-eyed bloodbath is in relation to your current location, then immediately go there and wait until you see the swarms. Once it starts it can be anywhere from 2 weeks to two months before they are gone for anther thirteen years. Carpe Diem (or grab that f’n carp for you non-latin speaking types).

– dave

A Call For Contributions…And A Guide To Fishing Around Old People

We are in the market to spread our wings and fly, but in order to do that we need to add some contributors in Florida and The Gulf. So if you are a fly person in the above geographic areas and you fancy yourself to be the next fly fishing Jack Kerouac or Ansel Adams third cousin twice removed let us know because we would love to talk to you or even better fish with you.

Now that bit of housekeeping is out-of-the-way, let us move onto our main subject of the day…old people…especially old fly fisherman. I had a couple of hours to kill the other day so Steve and I ran down to the local just stocked DH water. This river is notorious for swarms of old people reminiscent of an AARP meeting when they give out free soup. As we drove through the campground section we were not so shocked to find old guys at every major hole, none of which were fishing mind you, but they were adjusting their hand tied leaders and silk lines while looking quite dashing dressed like they stepped out of a 1950’s Orvis catalog. I saw one gentleman wrestling his waders on over his fat ass when we first got there, and I swear to you he was still trying to get them on when we drove back around half an hour later. I say all of this knowing full well the inevitability of time is looming for yours truly like everyone else, and one day I will be that wrinkled fat bastard that all the kids are making fun of as I try to once more figure out exactly how many layers I can fit under my tweeds, and still manage to squeeze into my adult diaper (incontinence is a bitch). Until that day arrives though I feel like some rules for fishing amongst the old should be established once and for all.

1. It is no longer poor etiquette to low hole a retiree. You are stronger than they are and therefore it is unlikely they are going to do anything about it…besides wave their fist and shout illegibly…which they were probably doing anyway.

2. It is now fair game to lure the elderly away from their fishing spot with old people stuff. I’m imagining a prune tied to end of a string here folks.

3. No more than one 80’s era Cadillac Deville, with Florida plates, will be allowed at any one parking area on the river.

4. The question, “So how wrinkly are your testicles?” is no longer off the table.

5. Any one over 60 that is caught saying the phrase, “Dry fly fishing is the only real way to fly fish,” will be forced to eat dinner at 9pm and not be allowed to go to sleep till 10pm, as a form of sleep deprivation torture. Also no middle of the night bathroom visits will be allowed.

6. Any old man vest weighing more than 20 pounds will be  burned on the spot immediately.

Hopefully with these rules in place the river will be a much nicer place for everyone under 60 to fish.

PS: just joking around, I love old people…I even have a friend that’s old.

– Dave

Preview Issue…We Think You Like It

One week since the release of the preview issue and we have been kind of quiet just letting the whole thing sink in. We have had over 2100 readers so far, and have received some great reviews of the issue from some players in the industry, including the Drake and Orvis News. What does all this mean? I was hoping someone could tell us because we have no idea. We think it means folks really like our little magazine, but I have a suspicion that it really means my mother has somehow pulled off an elaborate ruse, single handily creating a media buzz while at the same time hacking peoples accounts and morphing into the voices of Geoff Mueller and Phil Monahan, all in an effort to make her little boy feel special.

“So, where do we go from here?”,  is the question of the day.  Our first fall issue will be out in October, but until then we are going to be like that creepy Uncle that came for Thanksgiving dinner and at Christmas dinner you realized he never actually left. We have events in the works (think summer field party with low country boil and kegs all in the name of charity located on one of our favorite tailwaters), we are going to poke our heads up at the S. Holston show in August with a booth, and we will probably be doing another sticker give away in the not too distant future.  Check back in real regular like, because the SCOF shit storm has only begun.