Grip And Grin Friday: Round Dos

It was so popular last week we had to bring it back again. We have some excellent toothy grin folks to showcase on this Friday’s favorite game show, Hold a Fish and Smile. Congrats to Scott, Chris, Kyle, Matt and Brian (who officially submitted the first video grip and grin…good show old man…good show). Now bask in the glow that is other people’s happiness, and have a good weekend.

Keep sending us pics and we’ll keep broadcasting them to the two people that read this.

– Dave

Grip And Grin Friday

You may have noticed that there aren’t too many pictures of dudes holding fish in the mag. We’ve done that on purpose because we kind of feel that the grip and grin has done nothing but contribute to the big swinging dong contest that fly fishing all too often turns into…for some. That being said, and to once again prove we are hypocrites of the worst order, we are now instituting “Grip and Grin Friday” on the blog. This way those of you amongst the swinging dongery have a place to show your pics. Send us your photos and we’ll try to put up the best ones every Friday (Put Grip and Grin Friday in the subject line of the email). Ya’ll should also know that your odds go way up when you’re wearing SCOF swag. We’ll go ahead and get the ball rolling with some musky and carp. Be sure to check out the summer issue for a film on the same musky seen here. The carp are from all over but the anglers are friends of our that would rather remain anonymous.

– Dave