Photography Friday Is Back…Again…For At Least the Twenty Third Time

Today we would like to introduce the newest member of the SCOF staff, photographer Rand Harcz. Local to Asheville, Rand has been plying his craft for a number of years now. Recently indoctrinated to fly fishing Rand has turned his camera to all things piscatorial in the name of SCOF. Featured in last issue’s Nolichucky Gorge feature, and featured again in a striper article for the next issue, you should get used to seeing Rand’s photography work around these hallowed halls. Almost as invaluable as his photography skills, is his ability to roll a cigarette one handed. Awesome Sauce.


Is it starting to bother anyone else, how much Steve gets to fish since moving to the land of the leisure suit? This aggression will not stand.

–  Dave

FRIDAY PHOTO: SCOF CANOE – maiden voyage

Here at SCOF OutpostFL we (I) have been cleaning up and fixing up an old Mohawk canoe. There is a lot of water here to explore and some out of the way spots have no real access points…but a canoe doesn’t need much.

The fist trip out was slightly screwed by a North wind shift, but still a good maiden voyage. Good things are gonna happen.

And Louis even got a little video….

The Things You Find In E. Tennessee On A Thursday

P1010384   Maybe my luck is finally changing…..We found some things besides legs as well….

Photography Friday

Bluelines, dry Flies, and bright skies.


Photography Friday….(on Monday)

F3T Asheville – good

SOHO Streamers – suck

Alan Broyhill and Steve Seinberg

Photography Friday ——

Another prime example of how not to catch a fish…..

(No) Musky Day – Alan Broyhill
F3T Charleston – Steve Seinberg

Friday Photos: OGR2015


A couple of weeks ago, Orvis brought the circus to our little town in the form of the 2015 East Coast Guide Rendezvous. My liver is still recovering.  Here are some pics from the Rendezvous and the Down the Hatch Festival in Asheville, NC…..I remember most of this. Thanks for the good times folks.
Photos: Steve Seinberg and Alan Broyhill
Feb. 2015