Movie Night Y’all


Less than a week to go till the first installment of The SCOF Summer Mystery Movie Series. A couple of updates:
  •  The movie is free, but a portion of all bar, food, and vendor proceeds will be donated to the French Broad Riverkeeper for monitoring, improvement, and over all well being of the French Broad River right here in our backyard.
  • The featured vendor for the first installment of movie night will be our good friend Danny Reed of Crooked Creek Holler apparel. He’ll have a table set up with his new spring line of gear and the best thing is you won’t have to pay shipping.
Festivities start at 6, the movie starts at dusk on the trailer. Cascade Lounge will be providing the hooch, and Ron’s Taco Shop will be slinging’ tortillas.
We also have a pretty sick swag raffle for you folks to. Come on down to the Asheville Food Park, and remember to bring your own chair.
– Dave

SCOF Spring 2016 “Mix Tape” Issue


We’ve lost track between yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Whatever day it is, we are happy to give you fine folks the Spring 2016 “Mix Tape” Issue of Southern Culture On The Fly. This time around we’re giving away a set of Simms Pliers for one lucky person who cares enough to share on Facebook. For all you noncommittal Facebook likers and commentors we’re giving away a SCOF “One Of Every Sticker Package”. Winners will be picked next Friday. So help us spread the good word…it’ll be the best thing you’ve spread this spring. Trust us. or just click the here.

SCOF Winter 2016 “Bless Your Heart” Issue Is Live


The Winter “Bless Your Heart” Issue has rolled into town with legs and arms akimbo. The new issue is brimming with content hot enough to vanquish the doldrums of winter, and rhetoric ballsy enough to slap a grown man in the face. We’re also giving away a Vedavoo/SCOF co-lab TL Beast sling. The rules are up on Facebook for the contest, and as always the issue is free for the people.


The SCOF Store Is Open For The Holidays

It’s that time of year folks, and why not spend some of your good holiday cheer on our SCOF wares? We’ve got new hats, hoodies, Vedavoo Co-Lab Gear, Tumblers, Growlers, and a just a little more. Head on over to the SCOF store, our cash registers are open and ready for business. Did I mention free stickers with every purchase from now until Christmas? Oh yeah, I just did…BOOM!

Photography Friday Is Back…Again…For At Least the Twenty Third Time

Today we would like to introduce the newest member of the SCOF staff, photographer Rand Harcz. Local to Asheville, Rand has been plying his craft for a number of years now. Recently indoctrinated to fly fishing Rand has turned his camera to all things piscatorial in the name of SCOF. Featured in last issue’s Nolichucky Gorge feature, and featured again in a striper article for the next issue, you should get used to seeing Rand’s photography work around these hallowed halls. Almost as invaluable as his photography skills, is his ability to roll a cigarette one handed. Awesome Sauce.

I am reposting my own post….weird.

I wrote a little ditty up for the other day. Thought y’all might dig it.

I have been a part of many a river clean-up. Usually we pick up trash from along the banks and everyone goes home content, but knowing that a darker pile of garbage was left in the river, and will be there the next time we come back. The tires that inhabit way too large a number of our Southern waterways seem immovable and endless. They stay there for decades. We Southerners learn to mark fish by certain tires — the big one is behind the third tire down, fifth from the right sort of thing.

The Orvis “Get The Tread Out” Campaign was conceived at the Orvis East Coast Guide Rendezvous last February. This past October, with the help of Orvis, E. Mountain Sports Ltd., Sweetwater Brewing, Southern Culture On The Fly magazine, and a lot of other fine folks, a group of more than 30 intrepid fly fishing garbage men (and women) got the tread out so to speak – literally. The South Holston River is down 300 tires, and I feel awesome about it.

We armed ourselves with homemade gaffs, grappling hooks, and good old-fashioned mushroom anchors. Backs were strained, boats were dirtied, and a difference was made. Three hundred tires, two sidewalk newspaper boxes, a broken toilet with the bathroom floor still attached, a TV from the ‘70s (as evidenced by the dial), and one super creepy doll head was our bounty. This giant pile of refuse is no longer in the river, and it only took a day. Who knows? We might be able to clean every tire out of the river in a week? Two weeks? A month? Whatever that period of time may be, it’s not forever and eternity. Just because the tires have been there since you or I have been fishing the river doesn’t mean it has to stay that way for generations to come. All it takes is a boat and someone willing to get them out.

Thank you to Orvis, E. Mountain Sports Ltd., Sweetwater Brewing, and especially to all the people who put their backs and boats into really cleaning up the South Holston that fine day. Thank you for the amazing sense of accomplishment and mindset that we don’t have to live with it anymore.

-David Grossman

South Holston River Cleanup 2015


Come on over to the TN/VA border Sunday to help get some tires out of the South Holston River. Orvis is organizing, SCOF is sponsoring, and Sweetwater Brewing Company will be pouring the free beer. Help a river out. Meet at Mountain Sports Limited at 8am on Sunday, and party in their parking lot well into the late afternoon.

– Dave