A Question, Eventually


Once again, we find ourselves facing that point in the waning days of winter when spring’s inevitable gravity is pulling us closer to the March equinox. These last days of winter mean that grouse season has ended, and while a recent job change took priority over days behind my bird dog, we did manage to keep the streak alive. Never a bad year with that dog, and hardly a bad day; I wonder what I did to deserve that.

Of course, this is also the time of year when new products are beginning to hit the market from all the major players. Some of them have been rumored for years, and others simply sprung forth from research dungeons hidden in old missile silos. At least, that’s how I picture it – kind of like that movie The Colony, but with machining equipment instead of, well, other stuff. Don’t worry if you haven’t seen that one; you ain’t missing much.

In an effort to take this rambling monologue in yet another direction, I want to pose a question to you, the esteemed SCOF audience. We’ll get there in a minute, though. I’m an avid consumer of podcasts, and one of my favorites is The Tim Ferriss Show, and one of my favorite questions that he asks is what recent purchase under some small limit, say $75, has made the biggest difference in the guest’s life. I’ll remove the dollar limit on my version, however.

What fishing-related purchase in the last year or so has had the biggest impact on you?


5 thoughts on “A Question, Eventually

  1. Indicator tippet material, hands down. Even in the winter when the sun is low, there are no leaves on the trees to provide shade, and the lighting is bad, you can still pick up the slightest movement on the leader.

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