This Matters


A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about the virtues of public land and voiced my opposition to their transfer. As I said before, while I do my best to keep this blog out of the political trenches, sometimes issues come along that absolutely require a response. This is that sort of topic.

On Tuesday, Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) introduced two bills that threaten to undue generations of work that began with TR himself. The first of these bills, HR 621, calls for the sale of 3.3 million acres of federal public lands. Sure, this in only 1% of BLM land, but this is the first crack in the dam.

The second and equally ridiculous bill, HR 622, intends to strip the law enforcement powers of the Forest Service and the BLM. Block grants would be provided to states so that the states could then afford to enforce federal law on federal land.

We saw this coming.

In the runup to the presidential election, Trump explicitly stated that he had no interest in selling off public lands. Should we take him at his word and expect a veto should this legislation reach his desk? Let me know how that works out for you . . .

So, we have options at this point. One option is to put our fingers in our ears, hum our favorite Woodie Guthie tune, and hope for the best as they prove old Woody wrong. The second option, of course, is to do something; that’s the path I’m choosing. I’ve sent emails to and called my representatives, I’ve reaffirmed my support for organizations like BHA, and I am pleading with you to do the same.

This matters to me, it matters to you, and it matters to future generations that are going to be left without public lands on which to hunt and fish unless we do something to preserve them. Do something.







One thought on “This Matters

  1. Total support to the US #publicland campaign from fishermen here in Spain, where all rivers are public. They cannot be sell to anybody. Rivers for the people, for the citizens of the nation (even if they cross private lands). Good luck folks! We’ll stay tuned.

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