One Last Dance


See, I draw you in with a Swayze reference. You know my favorite line from that movie? When he turns to his lovely costar and asks her what she’s doing tomorrow night. “Why, I’m going to SCOF Mystery Movie night,”she says. “Aren’t you?”

True story. Sort of.

Tomorrow night marks the final installment of our Summer Mystery Movie Series. We’ll kick off the double feature a little after dark, but feel free to come by an hour or two before. There’s a cash bar on site, and the food truck that will be there is almost worth the trip on its own. To wrap things up the right way, we’ll be raffling off a TFO Mangrove along with a Cheeky reel and an SA line to benefit the French Broad Riverkeeper. Finally, the crew from Flood Tide Co. will be making the trip up from the Lowcountry.

See you there, homeys.

One thought on “One Last Dance

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