Movin’ On Up: The Intern Edition


As you may remember, Alan won the 2015 IFTD Best of Show – Freshwater Fly Pattern with fly shown above, Broyhill’s Jackknife. Now, from the crew at Flymen Fishing Company, we have the press release shown below. Well done, Alan.

Flymen Fishing Co. & Fulling Mill launch award-winning fly – Broyhill’s Jackknife.

Brevard, NC, USA – September 21, 2016. Flymen Fishing Company announced the highly anticipated launch of Broyhill’s Jackknife, which won Best of Show – Freshwater Fly Pattern at the 2015 International Fly Tackle Dealer Show in Orlando, Florida.

“When most people think of musky and other predator fishing, they think of heavy flies and sore shoulders,” said Alan Broyhill, designer of Broyhill’s Jackknife and 2015 winner of The Southern Classic Hardly, Strictly Musky tournament.

“The Jackknife design was focused on creating a solid all-rounder big-game streamer with the kick-around action that predators crave, then making that fly as light as possible so anyone can cast it all day.”

The design incorporates the Flymen Big-Game Fly Solution, which is a combination of a Fish-Skull® Fish-Mask, Living Eyes, Big Game Shanks, and Body Tubing.

It’s currently available in 3/0 and 6/0 sizes and Purple/Black, Rainbow Trout, and Red/White color combinations.

Broyhill’s Jackknife is tied in the T-Bone style, which is a style of articulated big-game flies created and popularized by American fly tyer Blane Chocklett. Chocklett is also well-known for pioneering the Game Changer style of streamer tying, which uses Fish-Skull® Articulated Fish-Spines to achieve animated ultra-lifelike motion.

The fly is produced by Fulling Mill, a British commercial fly tying company with worldwide distribution.

“Members of our dealer program and their success are important to us,” said Martin Bawden, founder and head product designer of Flymen Fishing Company. “We’re connecting our dealers who want to carry Broyhill’s Jackknife with Fulling Mill to make sure they can provide their customers with this exciting streamer pattern.”

Broyhill’s Jackknife is available on Flymen Fishing Company’s website, Fulling Mill’s website, and through Fulling Mill dealers worldwide.

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