A Question For You Fly Tyers


I’ve been tying on a Renzetti Traveler for over ten years now, and it has served me very well. I bet that vise has seen over ten thousand flies, and there’s no doubt it has another ten thousand in it. However, gear lust has taken over. I’ve been checking out all of the current offerings, and a few have caught my eye, including the Renzetti Master shown above. I’m curious; what are you using?

13 thoughts on “A Question For You Fly Tyers

  1. Ive got a Traveler 2300 but have also been looking for something new. Not sure if you would call it an upgrade but ve been thinking about switching over to a Norvise system. Cheers

  2. I am using a Norvise that I bought years ago from Norm at the Marlboro Show. I’m not as fluid as Norm, but it’s a great vise for me.
    It has helped me tye everything from size 22 midges to 2/0 Flatwings!

  3. I have an HMH, a Regal and the cheapest Renzetti. The Renzetti is easily hands down the best all around. It easily handles up to 3/o. A bargain at less than $200.00!

  4. I wish I liked Renzettis. They’re a local business, and they do a lot for the community. That being said, I prefer Dyna-king for tenacity, and versatility.

  5. Renzetti Presentation 2000. Ties small midges and dries, all the way up to 2/0 articulated big nasties. Not expecting to buy another vise for decades, based on the last few years performance and durability.

  6. I’ve tied on a peak rotary for the past 2 years, solid construction and can hold anything from size 22 all the way to 5/0 streamers in the same jaw. My father has a renzetti traveler and it’s a sweet vise, I’ve found it takes a little learning curve to figure out the vise but that’s like every vise.

  7. I have been using a Renzetti Traveler for years. I recently bought a Renzetti Medallion. I like it but find myself going back to my Renzetti quite often, especiLly for smaller flies.

  8. I’ve used a number of vises over the years, and my Dyna-King is the only one for me. Any good vise will hold a hook. I like a true rotary (I tie fresh and salt) and use the rotary feature all the time. It is a superbly made vise, but the reason it gets my vote is I’m a big guy 6’7″, and I have hands to match, and the Dyna-King has just a little more room all the way around. It’s much more comfortable for me to work on.

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