A Blank Slate

I need your help. We’re in a new house, and I have an empty room to do with what I please. We ripped everything out, and right now it’s just studs and a floor. Drywall will go up soon, and then the fun part starts.

First of all, it needs a tying desk and storage for enough materials to stock a small shop. Next, I’ll have to figure out the best way to store a few at least twenty rods and reels. Thinking about hanging them horizontally on one of the long walls. Also, hooks for a few pairs of waders and about half a dozen packs. I’m planning on two lights on the ceiling as this will be a tying room and I want the light to be bright.

I’m realizing that it will end up looking a little like a shop, and I’m okay with that. What I want from you hooligans, though, is a few ideas. What have you seen/done that I should try to replicate? What are a few ideas that, with 170 square feet of blank canvas, I need to include?


One thought on “A Blank Slate

  1. If you have some wall space to fill, I have started working on a “Map of Flies” that I am planning on hanging by my desk. Whenever I catch a memorable/first of a fish, I have been retiring the flies and haven’t been able to think what to do with them. So my idea has been to hang a map with some cork behind it and then pin the fly in the location where I caught it.

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