Carp Cup Wrap Up


So another 3 Rivers Carp Cup has come and gone, and your intrepid team SCOF was on site to sweep the tournament.

That’s a lie. We didn’t catch a single carp. That’s Alan above with the only fish of the day, but what a day it was. We made a few stops before we hit the water. The first, of course, was breakfast. The next two, however, were a tire shop and an auto parts store. Check out our Instagram feed for a little more info. Then, at the break of dawn 10:00am, we put the boat in the water.

For the next eight hours, we fed fish after fish. Even broke a few off. But bring one to the boat? Nope. That whole catching fish thing is for suckers.

I don’t suppose I’ll belabor the point any more. We didn’t even sniff a carp, but we’ll try again next year.

Congrats to my buddy, Jeremy Edge, for putting a hurting on the kayak division and taking home top honors. He’s a fishy dude.


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