So we found some carp. Like, lots of them. Commons and grassies swirling around each other like Fred and Ginger. They’re in two to three feet of water, and we can see them from well outside of casting range. They cruise, they feed, we cast, they follow, and they eat.

Except that they don’t. Ever. I’ve fished this spot a half dozen times, and I’ve yet to hook a fish. I think I’ve had a single eat, but that might be like when I think I see a musky. “You saw that flash, right? I definitely saw a flash. Maybe.”

Someday, I’ll put one in the boat. Someday, however, was not today. In the meantime, enjoy the beautiful picture above. I took it today. Of the fish I didn’t catch.

There’s a quote in the old movie Carefree where one of the characters is asked if she’s ever been married. “No,” she answers, “but I’ve been engaged.” She’s told that’s just as good, but she disagrees. “No ma’am,” she says. “It’s a lot better.”

The analogy doesn’t hold for these fish. The moment I catch one, I’ll be reeling right up and heading back to the ramp. And I’ll never go back.

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