Good News for Sportsmen?


As you know, we strive to remain as apolitical as possible with this blog. You won’t see any much Trump-bashing or jokes about email servers around here, but there is something inherently political about wildlife conservation efforts. I believe that as anglers, we are obligated to defend and care for the resources we utilize. I think I remember Yvon Chouinard claiming in 180° South that conservation is a selfish thing, and I’m convinced that acting in our collective self-interest is the only way to get things done.

In a rare bout of bipartisanship, the Senate recently passed the Energy Policy Modernization Act. Included in the act was the Bipartisan Sportmen’s Act. I’d encourage you to read at least a summary of the bill to see what was included, but I think it is a step in the right direction. An integral component of that collective self-interest is the recognition that in most cases, what is good for sportsmen in general is good for fly anglers. Let your voices be heard, and make sure your representatives know about the issues you care about. Sometimes, good things happen.

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