The Great Orvis Traveling Glass Journey of 2016: Introduction


In our quest for perfection in our gear and tools made for sometimes very specific jobs, perhaps there is value in a journey in the other direction. Instead of the fly rod equivalent of a pipe organ tuning rod, I’m interested in a simple hammer. I want a rod that is capable of doing many things well, from delicately presenting dry flies to tailwater trout to tossing size four Charlies to tailing bonefish. I want to be able to simply switch lines as I move from fishing poppers to summer smallmouth to throwing streamers on high water on smaller trout streams. And while there are surely a few rods capable of all these jobs, I wanted to start with what is as close to a blank slate as possible.


When I presented my idea to Orvis, I wasn’t sure what response I expected to receive. Within three days, a Superfine Glass 8’6″ 6wt. arrived on my doorstep. To accompany the rod, I was also sent one of the new Hydros SL III reels and a Superfine line. With this rod outfit, this single tool, we are going to try something fun.

Over the course of 2016, we intend to fish this rod in as many circumstances, in as many places, and on as many species as possible. We’ll swap out lines when required, of course, but we’re going to put some miles on this one. I have a feeling this rod is going to have some serious mojo by the end of the year. Stay tuned for updates.

This rod and reel were provided to SCOF by Orvis at no cost for this little escapade. Rest assured, however, that you’ll be receiving nothing but our honest opinions. 

One thought on “The Great Orvis Traveling Glass Journey of 2016: Introduction

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