Two-Handers In The South


If you recall my post on my goals for 2016, you’ll remember that I discussed my desire to become a more proficient two-handed angler. I’m not a hack, but I have a long way to go before I’ll be satisfied. We don’t see too many spey and switch rods in this part of the country, and to some extent there is good reason for that. There are, however, plenty of rivers and situations where a two-handed rod will open up new possibilities or, at the very least, provide a hell of a lot of fun.

Lately, I’ve taken to fishing a 3 wt. switch on one of my home rivers when the water comes up. Paired with a 250g Scandi head, I can deliver small soft hackles and medium sized streamers to pockets and through runs that might otherwise be difficult to approach. I’ve swung up a few decent fish and have been surprised by how many fish on what many consider to be a technical river will eat a swung soft hackle. There’s definitely something cool about a tight-line take, and I plan on exploring more possibilities. There will be smallmouth this summer, and I’m hoping for a few stripers on the Chattahoochee as well.

So, I’m left with a few questions. Do any of you fish two-handed rods in the South? If so, where? Also, why?


4 thoughts on “Two-Handers In The South

  1. I’ve been throwing a Switch Rod in the salt for years, and Love it. One swing and gone. For me it’s all about distance and one swing, and right back downtown! So easy to throw! Landed so many reds and actually my largest Speck ever! 9lb… No false casting has saved this old mans shoulder and can fish longer and harder. Ocean front, inlets and creeks. 5wt Deer Creek Switch, only problem is when mister over slot Red wants to party 🙂 I out fish the bro’s every time, absolutely Love swinging the Salt….

  2. I started using a 6 wt 2 hander on the beach for pompano , I originally got it to dredge a deep intercostal waterway channel with a skagit line, very clumsy indeed. I want to get more proficient with it because it is a joy to cast. Wish there was somebody in the Destin / Santa Rosa beach area that could help me get to the next level. Discovered your site last night….awesome ! Have a mayfly T ordered up. Capt.J

  3. I’ve been throwing Skajit style Spey for years in the Atlantic. Mostly because swinging a fly in current really works, but also because I can cast farther, and save my aging, damaged shoulder with much less effort. Using an 8 to 10 weight.
    Cut to the Caney Fork, the Elk and Duck, the Harpeth, or the South Holston at low water and it’s a wonderful new game. Three to five weight – 150 to 325 grain weight. One shot and away, no back cast, amazing accuracy, and still easy on the shoulder.
    Next challenge. Learning to switch hands! Yes.

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