Drinking The Green Kool-Aid

Another Orvis Guide Rendezvous has come and gone, and I wanted to share a few thoughts on both the event and how I see the state of our industry/hobby/etc . . .

2016-02-23 05.23.55-2-2

This was the second OGR held in Asheville, and both the attendance and enthusiasm were way up from last year. As part of the Down the Hatch Fishing Festival, a number of vendors (Smith Optics, Costa, Crooked Creek Holler, SCOF, and many others) and quite a few brewers showed up to help keep things interesting.

As far as new products from Orvis, I think the highlights this year will be the Hydros SL and the Superfine Glass 8’6″ 6wt. At around $200, the Hydros SL kicks ass. It isn’t often that I want to fish the same reel (in different sizes, of course) on both my five weights and my twelve weights, but this might be the one. The Superfine Glass, on the other hand, will appeal to a much smaller niche. I’ve cast it with a couple of lines, and I think it will excel as a small stream streamer rod. I won’t be surprised when pictures start popping up on Instagram of this rod behind smaller bonefish, big carp, and summer smallmouth.

2016-02-23 08.12.01-3-2

The Down the Hatch film show was at a much better location than last year, and I think everyone appreciated the change. Check out the videos below for a few of the highlights from this year’s films.

Streamers, Inc.


Early Morning Jungle Poon


As always, it was great to catch up with old friends and make a few new ones. Thanks to everyone who stopped by the booth to say hello and spend some money; we appreciate it. It looks like OGR will return next year, and I’m sure it will be even bigger and better than it was this time around.


I’m encouraged by the number of people that showed up and the wide range of ages I saw. The sport still needs more women, but we’re seeing more and more every year. Retail is tough all around right now, but it’s hard to be discouraged by what I saw last week.

Photos by Shane Durrance


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