Southern Artists: Jaybo Art


Over the past few years, I’ve begun to accumulate a few pieces of fishy art. There’s the Paul Puckett prints and the Haida art from the PNW, but the next piece on the list will be one of these fly sketches from Jay Talbot at JayBo Art. I like the simplicity, but I suppose most flies worth fishing are generally simple creations.

From Jay . . .

“I was born and raised in Columbia, SC, and didn’t get into fly fishing until my senior year of college. I had to minor in art my last semester of college because I couldn’t get into the business classes I needed to minor in business. All I drew were flies and fish. That semester, True Flies saw the fly drawings and bought some stuff from my classes, and that got me really thinking. However, I went into doing mortgages for a company out of college. Six months of doing mortgages and I was ready to lay down the tie and pick up the pen and fly rod. Huge leap of faith to go full time as an artist, but it was really what I loved and wanted to do so I did it. Fast forward a year later to now, and I’ve never been so grateful for the work I have today.”


“I describe my art as a way of capturing fly fishing in fine creative detail. I really try to put a certain kind of love into each piece I do, and I think in return some people really love those pieces. If my art can trigger some sort of inspiration whether to draw or go fishing, then I’ve done my job.”

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