It’s the time of year when we start assembling plans of attack for upcoming adventures. Some are tame and close to home; others, of course, are time zones away.

In a week or so, Kommendant Dave and I will head over to middle Tennessee for a few days of fish and debauchery. You’ll be able to read all about in the Spring Issue. A few months down the road, I’ll be heading to the islands for some bonefish. There are others on the schedule, and there are sure to be more that pop up at the last moment and result in an immediate and irresponsible decision to go instead of a more sane decision to stay behind.

I like the feeling of the days and weeks leading up to a trip as gear is assembled, Google Maps are examined with the patience and detail of a scholar, and more flies are tied than will ever be used. Should I replace the line on my second backup reel? Yeah, I probably should. Better to be prepared, after all.

You’ll read about our trips over the coming year, but I’m curious to know where you’re headed. Where to, hombres?

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