I suppose resolution might be to strong of a word for what I’m thinking; let’s call ’em goals. 2015 was a strange year of fishing for me. I put in more days than in past years, but I think I did it differently. I spent more time with friends and less time obsessed with catching bigger fish or more fish. I caught a ton of brook trout, but the real big guys never came out to play. I didn’t get as many salty days as I would have liked, but I had fun with the days I did get. I honestly don’t want to change too much for next year, but there are a few things I want to accomplish.

Therefore, be it resolved . . .

. . . that I will spend more time with my two-handed rods.  I am a competent caster with the two-handers, but I still have a lot to learn. I want to catch a big tailwater fish on a swung fly on the 5 wt. switch, and I want to swing up a pile of Watauga rainbows skating a caddis on the Echo Glass 3 wt. switch.

. . . that I will go into spring with all of the trout flies I need. In 2015, I neglected tying my trout flies in favor of redfish and bonefish bugs. Not this time.

. . . that I’ll tie traditional spey and dee flies that I’m actually proud of instead of flies that are 90% right and 10% shit.

. . . that I will not go two years in a row without a bonefish. Dammit.

. . . that I’ll seek out and fish a few of the potential brook trout streams I have circled on my topo maps. If any of our readers have the resources to helicopter in to a few of these places, I’ll trade you a couple of SCOF stickers for a seat in your bird.

. . . and that I’ll learn an aspect of this sport that I’ve yet to explore. I don’t know what it is yet (not tenkara), but I’ll figure something out.

What about you?

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