What’s Next?

I spend a lot of time thinking about the direction that our sport is heading and drooling over Instagram photos of exotic species in faraway places. Lately, I’ve seen a few pictures of people sight fishing to marlin on the flats.



To me, that’s pretty badass. I’ve caught big marlin before, but they’ve all been on conventional tackle and from the relatively safe confines of a sportfisher’s cockpit. I hope to someday have the chance to give this a shot.

I guess the last big trend to sweep our shores was carp. I get it. For many, carp are simply the available big fish. For me, they fill the hole that comes from living hours from the coast and trying to justify the acquisition of a flats boat of some variety. Musky are another hot topic. While catching them on the fly is nothing new, they are definitely a trendy species these days.

I’m wondering what’s next. Conway Bowman has been taming mako sharks for a while, but I could see it becoming more widespread. How about alligators? Manatees?

What do you think?


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