What Do You Care About?

In the most recent issue of SCOF, Kommendant Grossman proposed that the current generation of Southern fly fisherman is the most tolerant that the sport has seen. I find it hard to disagree, but it got me thinking. While we may be tolerant, we also tend to be a bit too self-isolating for my taste.

One failure of the fly fishing community is that we tend to focus solely on issues that impact our home waters. While Pebble Mine may be the exception to this rule, there are thousands of small scale Pebbles throughout the Southeast and the entire nation. It’s about damn time we started talking about them.

As someone who enjoys bird hunting as much as fly fishing, one thing I care about more than most other issues is the lack of active forest management in North Carolina’s national forests. Grouse populations have declined not as a result of overhunting but due to the fact that, surprisingly, birds need food. When you don’t cut and burn, birds and other game go hungry. The difficult aspect of this issue is that when logging and controlled burns are proposed, many, including anglers, lose their collective minds. I’d like to see more cooperation between outdoorsmen of all varieties. As fly anglers, we need to work with the rest of the outdoor community a hell of a lot more than we do. After all, we are a remarkably small component of that group.

I’m curious to know what issues the rest of you care about. What are you working on? What can the rest of us do to help? Leave a note in the comments below.

11 thoughts on “What Do You Care About?

  1. Long leaf pines instead of loblolly in our national forest would be a great start ! We need to find a shortage of woodpeckers. Woodpeckers thrive in longleaf forest. Convince environmentalist to invest to preserve the woodpecker. Great woodpecker forest are identical to great upland bird forest. Magic… Now we can get the non sportsman – environmentalist to help pitch in.

  2. What I really care about is the growing attitude of entitlement by sportsman over all. Poaching is a big problem in the hunting and fishing community. There has always been issues but I am surprised over the number of people just willing to go slightly over the lines these days.

  3. Loss of the delta in Louisiana. The fate of the Chesapeake bay, and thanks to DU public access in Montana. I USED to be a member of Du but they shit the bed and backed Jim Kennedy instead of public access to the Ruby river. So they will no longer get my money.

    Great article btw

    • Thanks for the comment, Wayne. As an aspiring duck hunter, I was shocked to hear that DU has no official position on public access. After the most recent fiasco, it sure looks like they’ve had an unofficial position on it for quite some time.

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