On Self-Imposed Failure

SCOF chucktownblues

Sometimes, things simply don’t work out. Tires go flat, bearings burn up, rods break, and knots slip. Despite our best efforts, we can’t prevent everything.

On other occasions, we know what we’re in for. Weather reports grow more reliable with each passing day before a trip, and steady rain and ten to twenty from the south can mean trouble on an incoming tide. And yet, we still go. We cast heavy flies into the wind at shadows in the grass that might be redfish. We pole against that same ten to twenty that has since become a sustained twenty plus, and we sometimes take heavy lead eyes to the back of the skull when we blow a cast we should have made.

I guess sometimes you just need an adventure.

When can their glory fade?

Oh, the wild charge they made!

All the world wondered. 

Honor the charge they made! 

Honor the Light Brigade!

Noble six hundred!

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