Welcome to the Show

Over the past four years, I have watched SCOF grow from a twinkle in Dave and Steve’s eyes into the rowdy teenage misfit you see today. Sure, things get a little out of hand on occasion, but they have built the foundation for a family of like-minded folks to share what they are passionate about.

When Dave asked me if I was interested in running the SCOF blog, I wasn’t sure how to answer him. The magazine has set such a high bar for both creativity and quality content that I wasn’t sure if I could meet the standard that has been set. As I thought about it more, however, I realized that while Dave and Steve may be the captains of the ship, they rely on a crew to make SCOF what it is. The writers that have contributed have been nothing short of phenomenal, and the steady stream of quality photography that rolls in keeps us all dreaming of our next destination. I quickly realized that I would be foolish to turn down the opportunity to be a part of this outfit.

I have worked in this industry, on and off, for a lot of years. I have seen the small shop side as well as the big boys, and I have spent a lot of days on the water guiding new and accomplished anglers alike. I’ve seen the dark side of this industry more than once, but it is the good side that keeps me coming back for more. When we join together to accomplish something important, I pity the fool that stands in our way.

My goals for the SCOF blog are numerous, but the main points are these. First, I want to see more involvement from the readers as we continue to grow. Comment on our posts, ask us questions, and spread the good word. Second, we’re going to bring you the same quality content that you see in the magazine. You will see short articles from great writers, photography, fly patterns, and industry news. We might even make a few tenkara jokes. We’ll ruffle some feathers, but we’re going to continue to shoot straight. That’s what you want, and that’s what you’ll get.

We’ll keep doing hoodrat stuff with our friends, and I hope you’ll help us keep the Good Ship SCOF on course.

SCOF Bonefish

Free For The People.


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